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    Hillbrush is the UK’s largest manufacturer of brushware and hygienic cleaning tools. We are at the forefront of technology-led cleaning equipment, researching, designing and manufacturing the most effective cleaning tools. Our ultimate Anti-Microbial range has been designed  to target the areas that pose the greatest threat of bacterial contamination.

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    Bacterial Contamination. The Danger You Can't See



    The Pinnacle of Hygienic Cleaning

    Ensuring that food and drink production environments are hygienically clean is paramount to reduce risks to the health of your customers and your reputation.

    Bacteria typically thrive in warm, moist, environments, particularly where high-risk produce has passed through or where cross-contamination has occured. Harmful bacteria known as resilient bacterium, such as Listeria, can survive in hotter or colder conditions outside the safe zone, increasing the level of risk.

    Where Does Bacteria Thrive?

    Bacteria can thrive on all surfaces, which is why it is a huge issue for those in the food & drink industry. But how does this relate to your environment? Bacteria will thrive on:

    • Produce and anything that it touches
    • Conveyor belts
    • Transport containers 
    • Machinery, packaging and storage containers
    • Knives and chopping boards
    • Non Anti-Microbial cleaning equipment


    Cross Contamination Risks

    Cross-contamination is the major cause of health risks within the food & drink industry. It all starts at the cleaning stage where bacteria is transferred onto the product from the cleaning surface. Pathogens like Listeria could then be transferred when the brush is used elsewhere. This can lead to stoppages and delays that can severely affect your end user and your business.

    What is the answer to combat these risks?

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    Did You Know?

    "The most common cause of food poisoning is Campylobacter, which is thought to be responsible for around 280,000 illnesses and over 100 deaths every year in the UK.*"

    *Food Standards Agency

    The Solution


    Hillbrush Anti-Microbial Hygienic Tools™

    The answer is to use Hillbrush Anti-Microbial cleaning tools. Our  cleaning products are designed for areas that require exceptionally high standards of cleanliness and due diligence in controlling bacterial contamination. Using chemicals in cleaning is common, but using it alone is not an effective method.

    Each component, including the brush filaments, is infused with Biomaster technology. This anti-microbial silver-ion additive works continually, is effective for the lifetime of the product and proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%.

    • The Biomaster technology binds to the bacteria disrupting it's growth
    • The silver ions interfere with the bacteria cell, stopping it from producing energy
    • The cell DNA is interrupted therefore stopping replication, preventing growth and spread 
      *See diagram below

    The Anti-Microbial additive starts working immediately and is your second line of defence. The technology is constantly working between cleans and reduces 80% of the bacteria on the product after just 15 minutes.

    Our products supply you with permanent protection from the spread of harmful bacteria. 

    Manual cleaning is still key, so the right equipment is vital.

    bio master-1

    About The Range

    Our product range is available in 6 different colours that are ideal for workplace organisation and segregation to avoid cross-contamination further. Our products are vigorously tested, and testing has confirmed that our cleaning tools are tough and durable with permanent Biomaster protection. Testing has also showed that the Biomaster technology inhibits the growth of bacteria uo to 99.9% when tested against ISO 22196:2011.



    Hillbrush Anti-Microbial not only protects against harmful microbes being transferred via cleaning equipment, but also provides extra filament security in our Resin-Set DRS® (dual retention system), preventing the loss of filaments from brushes into the produce.

    Insist on Resin-Set DRS® Brushware and get only they best.

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    The Next Step In Workplace Organisation

    Keeping your environment clean and hygienic is one thing, but ensuring that your cleaning tools are also organised provides another layer of protection. Use Hillbrush workplace organisation to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

    For compete workplace organisation and optimum hygiene, Hillbrush offer Anti-Microbial shadow boards.

    Anti-Microbial Food Grade Boards

    Our Anti-Microbial shadow boards are made from food approved plastic that has been infused with the same Biomaster technology as our Anti-Microbial products. They are extremely durable and provide the ultimate protection against contamination and the most advanced method of workplace organisation. 

    Dibond Boards

    Our Dibond boards are a cost-effective alternative, with strong aluminium laminate and solid polypropylene core, suitable for high-traffic areas. A standard Dibond board is 3mm thick and features a wipe-clean surface to help prevent the build up of dirt.

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    Our Rich History

    Hillbrush was established by brothers Fred and Bill Coward in 1922. The company began in the small rural town of Mere, Wiltshire.

    It originally specialised in dairy and agricultural brushes, but within a few years many of the streets were being swept with brushes made by Hillbrush.

    Hillbrush originally specialised in making wooden backed brushes and is still one of the largest manufacturers of wooden brushes in the world. Through innovation and product development we were successfully able to introduce a range of plastic backed brushes for the food and drink industries. Our unrivalled experience and expertise has contributed to our prolonged success, with Hillbrush now producing over 2 million brushes yearly across more than three thousand different products, to over 90 countries across the globe. We look forward to introducing more customers to our vast product range in the years ahead.

    Our Facility

    Hillbrush is one of a few UK-based manufacturers of brushware and hygienic cleaning tools. Our factory is located in the small town of Mere, in the south-west corner of Wiltshire, 100 miles west of London. Our passion for innovation and continual product development meant that space at our old factory on Woodlands Road became limited, so we developed and built a new, larger factory and warehouse at Norwood Park off the A303. The redevelopment took place in 2016.  Find out more.

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