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    We understand how challenging it is to ensure cleaning activities are supporting the maintenance of hygiene standards at all times and not falling into the trap of becoming “contamination tools”.

    With this in mind, Hillbrush designed a specific range of hygienic brushes and cleaning tools using technology-led antimicrobial material. For more information about how these tools are optimised to work as an ally in your fight against the growth of microorganisms, download our white paper.

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    Microbial contamination: the danger you cannot see


    Regardless of whether your business produces food or drink, has many different levels of risk to manage, deals with wet or dry environments, microbial contamination is one of the key issues to be overcome. As a result, ensuring production environments are suitably clean is vital to reduce risks to the health of your staff and customers.

    Microbes will always be part of any environment. Some microbes can play a positive role in food processing and are actually desirable in certain industries. 

    Pathogens, or harmful microorganisms such as Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter, E. coli, Salmonella etc, will also be present and these are concerns that can keep many business operators awake at night. Pathogens can survive on all surfaces, and thrive even when conditions seem ideal. Cleaning equipment is no different than processing equipment and it can become a source of contamination as well as a vector for transporting microbes from one area to another.

    Cross Contamination Risks

    Every hazard assessment will highlight the danger of cross contamination as a potential way for microbes to be introduced into products and on to product contact surfaces.

    Cross contamination can happen from any number of processes that take place during food manufacture, including cleaning.

    cross contamination diagram

    Cleaning tools are designed to mechanically remove microbes and other contamination from surfaces but once on the equipment, microbes will try to adhere to it in order to survive. Cleaning the tools is the first step and most effective way to ensure contamination is not transferred, but there are other options which can improve this task.

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    Did You Know?

    "The most common cause of food poisoning is Campylobacter, which is thought to be responsible for around 280,000 illnesses and over 100 deaths every year in the UK.*"

    *Food Standards Agency

    Hillbrush Support – Antimicrobial Tools

    Antimicrobial Product Range

    Hillbrush’s antimicrobial product range addresses both bacterial contamination and cross contamination. All the plastic parts, including the brush fibres and resins, used in our antimicrobial cleaning programme contain an FEIBP approved silver-based additive from Biomaster. This additive decisively interferes with the ability of bacteria, moulds and fungi to reproduce, and used together with standard good housekeeping practices radically reduces or eliminates the chances of microbial contamination and odour by up to 99.99%, when compared with control samples and tested according to accredited ISO 22196:2011 methodology.

    The antimicrobial additive starts working immediately and is your second line of defence. The technology is constantly working between cleans and reduces 80% of the bacteria on the product in minutes. It is very important that the cleaning equipment is kept without soil (dirt), as microorganisms can use dirt as a protection barrier against the antimicrobial benefits.

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    Manual cleaning is still key, so the right equipment is vital.

    Biomaster Diagram

    About The Range

    The cleaning qualities and durability of Hillbrush’s antimicrobial products are as exceptional as in our standard products, and their antimicrobial characteristics are not affected by time or abrasion.

    The products, including brushes, squeegees, dustpans, scoops and buckets, are available in a multitude of colours, to help you with departmental segregation, or with keeping different types of food apart.

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