We know what clean really means. 

    'A clean school creates a positive learning environment.' - Education Business Magazine.

    We understand how important it is to fight bacteria within an educational environment. Classrooms are the biggest harbourer of bacteria with multiple individuals using the space everyday. Although not all bacteria is harmful, many are. As there are multiple shared surfaces within the environment bacteria can thrive and spread, this is why creating a clean environment is key to reducing serious risks.

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    Creating a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene in educationDP10SET Blue

    Cleanliness and hygiene is paramount within the educational sector where young people are involved. Ensuring that pupils are safe and healthy is the top concern and having a clean and safe learning environment is key for development success. Those that are involved with cleaning school premises need to ensure that they follow the correct procedures within the school policy.

    Hygiene and sanitation regulations in schools is key to ensure that your staff are following the correct health-related policy. All educational settings need to be aware of the importance of cleanliness and hygiene for their pupils.  

    Ofsted, and ensuring that schools are following Section 3 of The Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements Framework is essential to receive a high standard from the board. 

    Hillbrush offers a comprehensive range of the highest quality cleaning tools available. Our product range includes; traditional wooden cleaning products, commercial and everyday tools and the most advanced hygiene cleaning tools, using an antimicrobial agent infused within the products, preventing the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%.

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    P7 BroomOur traditional range

    Hillbrush Traditional has long supported the agriculture, construction and local councils with exceptional tools. We combine sustainably sourced materials, including high grade timber and natural fibres, with a wealth of manufacturing experience. Many products from this range have been used by the Royal Household and HIllbrush was granted a Royal Warrant in 1981.

    Our high quality 'Trade' range wooden cleaning tools would be ideal for use on school grounds and other outdoor spaces. These high performance tools are designed to withstand rigorous use in factories, warehouses, school yards and gardens.

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    Hillbrush litter picker and handy hoop

    Our commercial range

    A comprehensive collection of brushware and ancillary items, perfect for all manner of janitorial cleaning applications. Our range Includes telescopic handles litter picking and floor care equipment, high quality buckets, brooms and hand brushes. We also stock a professional window cleaning range too. This range would be ideal for indoor use within classrooms and offices within the building.

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    Our hygiene range

    Hillbrush are at the forefront of technology-led cleaning equipment and have developed the most advanced hygienic cleaning tools available, featuring our pioneering resin set brushes that feature a recessed area injected with resin to ensure filament retention, antimicrobial tools, and metal and x-ray detectable plastic brushes and cleaning equipment. Our antimicrobial cleaning tools are designed to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, fungi and moulds. Our products have designed in such a way that bacteria can't survive on the surface of the product. Our ranges are available in up to 12 colours and made from FDA and EU approved virgin materials. Our brushware contains food grade stainless steel staples and does not use flagged fibres. Our hygiene range suitable for use in kitchens and any areas where food is prepared. 


    D7 hand brush

    Colour Coding Systems

    Colour coded cleaning equipment has become standard practice - products with matching coloured handles and heads can be identified quickly and easily, which is especially important within workplaces where a number of languages are spoken and can greatly reduce the possibility of cross contamination.

    The colour coding system is ideal for use in school kitchens and other areas where food is prepared. Below you will find key information on the recognised principles of HACCP colour coding: Hillbrush 12 Colours

    • The use of colour coded cleaning tools can greatly reduce the risk of cross contamination.
    • A methodical colour coded approach associates each product with a particular area, promoting inter-departmental segregation.
    • The majority of our hygiene range is colour coded, with up to twelve vibrant, easily identifiable colours to choose from.

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    Improve your organisation with shadow boardsHillbrush Shadowboards

    Unique to Hillbrush, our shadow boards are designed to help you segregate cleaning equipment, reduce the risk of cross contamination and to organise and account for all your cleaning tools. We custom make each shadow board to order and can include your unique branding to each one.

    Our antimicrobial range of shadow boards are made from food approved plastic that has been infused with Biomaster Antimicrobial Silver-Ion Technology. They are extremely durable and provide the ultimate protection against contamination and the most advanced method of workplace organisation.

    We also offer a Dibond shadow board range. These are cost effective and feature a strong aluminum laminate and a solid polypropylene core, suitable for high-traffic areas. A standard wall-mounted Dibond board is 3mm thick and features a wipe-clean surface to help prevent the build up of dirt.

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    Hillbrush is the leading UK manufacturer of hygienic cleaning equipment. With a range of over three thousand products on offer.
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    Our antimicrobial tools are a range of colour-coded range of cleaning products designed to help prevent the spread of cross contamination in schools.
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    What is Biomaster
    Biomaster Anti-Microbial Technology is a silver ion based additive, proven to be up to 99.99% effective against bacteria, moulds and fungi. 
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