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    Cleaning and hygiene is essential in the healthcare sector both in the patient areas and where food is prepared and served. Poor hygiene is not only a turn off for patients and their families alike, but bacterial contamination can also cause serious illnesses.

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    Improving cleanliness and hygiene within the care home environment COR10 Duster

    Cleanliness and hygiene in healthcare should be closely monitored and staff undertaking cleaning should follow the correct protocols that have been put in place. They should always have access to the correct resources and equipment required to achieve the highest standard. All staff should follow the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations, along with wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

    The most advanced hygienic cleaning equipment available

    Hillbrush offers a comprehensive range of the most advanced hygienic cleaning tools available, using an antimicrobial agent infused within the products, preventing the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%, including Listeria and MRSA.

    To find out more about cleaning, particularly in food preparation in healthcare. Read our whitepaper

    AMNA4 nail brushHillbrush hygiene range

    Hillbrush is at the forefront of technology-led cleaning equipment. The company has developed the most advanced hygienic cleaning tools available, featuring pioneering resin set brushes with a recessed area injected with resin to ensure filament retention as well as antimicrobial tools, and metal and x-ray detectable plastic brushes and cleaning equipment. Our antimicrobial cleaning tools are designed to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, fungi and moulds. Our products have designed in such a way that bacteria can't survive on the surface of the product.


    Our hygienic range of products are Biomaster protected in line with ISO:22196/2011 certification and have been developed to minimise microbial cross contamination risks.

    Our ranges are available in up to 12 colours and are made from FDA and EU approved virgin materials. Our brushware contains food grade stainless steel staples and does not use flagged fibres. Our hygiene range is suitable for use in kitchens and any areas where food is prepared.

    Hillbrush 12 colours

    Colour Coding Systems

    Colour coded cleaning equipment has become standard practice - products with matching coloured handles and heads can be identified quickly and easily, greatly reducing the possibility of cross-contamination. This is especially important within care homes were the risk of spreading bacteria is much higher, and the risk to health among vulnerable people is also elevated.

    Below you will find key information on the recognised principles of HACCP colour coding:

    • The use of colour coded cleaning tools can greatly reduce the risk of cross contamination.
    • A methodical colour coded approach associates each product with a particular area, promoting inter-departmental segregation.
    • The majority of our hygiene range is colour coded, with up to twelve vibrant, easily identifiable colours to choose from.

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    Hillbrush is the leading UK manufacturer of hygienic cleaning equipment. With a range of over three thousand products on offer.
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    Our antimicrobial tools are a range of colour coded range of cleaning products designed to help prevent the spread of cross contamination in hospitals.
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    What is Biomaster
    Biomaster Anti-Microbial Technology is a silver ion based additive, proven to be up to 99.99% effective against bacteria, moulds and fungi. 
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