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    Hillbrush is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hygienic brushes. Our revolutionary Resin-Set DRS® (‘Dual Retention System’) brushes have been developed to help prevent filament loss in the food production process, keeping your product safe.

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    Learn How Our Resin Set Brushes Combat Filament Loss


    The Challenges of Filament Loss

    Foreign object contamination is always a challenge in the food and beverage industry. You need brushes to do any number of cleaning tasks, but you want to make sure you are not leaving filaments behind.

    Resin set filament

    Solution - Resin Set Brushes

    Hillbrush has developed the solution to filament loss. Our resin set brushes are made with a recessed area. The filaments are attached to the block using stainless steel staples, and a two-part epoxy resin is then poured in over the top. The brushes undergo an extensive process to ensure the resin fills all areas around the base of the filaments. This means the filaments are held in not just by the staple, as in most brushes, but also by the resin. The chances of any filament pulling out are now extremely remote. 

    A major additional benefit is that the process fills the inaccessible voids around the staple area so that soil and moisture cannot accumulate there. The resin also contains our Biomaster antimicrobial additive, which significantly disrupts the reproduction of bacteria, molds and fungi. For more information on this aspect of our products, and our full antimicrobial range.

    As with all the plastics and resins used in our Hygiene Range, the resin and antimicrobial additive are FDA approved for food contact, and most of the brushes in our extensive Hygiene line are available with the resin-set DRS option. All our resin set brushes are available in a number of colors to help with departmental or food type segregation, HACCP and 5S.

    Please remember that resin set brushes do not prevent filaments from being cut off by sharp edges, or from being snagged and snapped off.

    B849BRES - Sweeping brush

    Learn More About Hillbrush

    Hillbrush is a true manufacturer and a pioneer in product development, and was the first company in the world to develop the Resin-Set DRS® System some thirty years ago. We have continued to improve and perfect it over the years. Others more recently have tried and failed to copy what we do, and have introduced very limited ranges of gimmicks that don’t work to try to make up for it. To learn more about Hillbrush, our history, capabilities and the industries we serve, download our corporate brochure.
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