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    Hillbrush Hygiene are at the forefront of hygienic cleaning.

    We are committed to providing the best products and customer service to help you reach and maintain the highest cleaning standards possible.

    The Hillbrush team pride themselves on being:

    • Efficient
    • Thorough
    • Knowledgeable
    • Experts in the field
    • Customer focused
    • Flexible to suit all customers needs

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    Why Choose Hillbrush?

    Hillbrush Hygiene is known worldwide for our selection of high-quality cleaning tools. We have a substantial catalogue of cleaning products suitable for a wide range of applications, including ultra-sensitive food contact areas, hospitals, food manufacturing facilities, kitchens and other catering establishments and personal use.

    Manufactured in the UK, Hillbrush hygiene products are exceptionally durable, are autoclavable up to 134˚C (275˚F) and most are manufactured from FDA and EU food contact approved materials.

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    Hillbrush Site Surveys Explained Factory Floor Plan+Shadow Boards+MagnifiedSection

    Our in-house experts will visit your organisation and carry out a detailed product audit, working with your team to examine the challenges and issues that you face before the auditors do. Our team will identify these issues and talk you through our solutions that will solve these issues.

    The purpose of the site survey is to perform a comprehensive review of the entire hygiene operations within an organisation, our key goals are to:

    • Improve and standardise your hygiene setup
    • Get a complete overview of your cleaning tools
    • Implement a colour coding plan or update your existing one
    • Prepare more effectively for audits and compliance with BRC v8 Global Standards
    • Rationalise your cleaning tool deployment
    • Solve specific cleaning challenges

    Our Process

    The Hillbrush site survey process has been strategically designed to reduce as much disruption to working activity, keeping your staff safe and production running.

    We enter all organisations with respect and follow all the correct health and safety policies that are in place, including wearing the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and using the right tools for the job. Our team come fully equipped with the correct documentation and will run through with you the process in fine detail.

    We are the experts in hygienic cleaning equipment and workplace organisation and will provide you with the required information, education and equipment in order to pass your workplace audit certifications e.g. British Retail Consortium (BRC).

    We also make an effort to understand more about your business and how you operate in order to give you the most accurate and update information. We are trained in observing and identifying problems and issues that may challenge your auditors and have the knowledge to consult with you on solutions to solve them.

    Once we have completed your site survey, our experts will sit down and consult with you the solutions that we can offer for your business. This is a non obligation, pressure free consultation put together to educate and inform. If you are interested on our solutions samples of our products can be arranged.

    We will also design and put together workplace organisation schematics based on your establishment and what our team had consulted with you about during the site survey.  

    bacterial-infectionsAnti-Microbial Solutions

    Bacteria can spread easily in high risk areas such as hospitals and food manufacturing facilities. Some harmful bacteria known as resilient bacterium, such as Listeria, can survive in hotter or colder conditions. It can survive in temperatures from -1.5ºC up to 45ºC, whereas most bacteria thrive at temperatures between 25ºC and 40ºC.

    What is the Answer?manual cleaning

    Use Hillbrush Anti-Microbial tools, to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria. Infused with Biomaster technology. This anti-microbial silver-ion additive works continually, is effective for the lifetime of the product and proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%.

    The technology is constantly working between cleans and reduces 80% of the bacteria on the product after just 15 minutes. Our products supply you with permanent protection from the spread of harmful bacteria. 

    Manual cleaning is still key, so the right equipment is vital.

    12 Colours vector-01

    Colour Coding System

    Colour coded cleaning equipment has become standard practice within food and beverage production. Products with matching coloured handles and heads can be identified quickly and easily, which is especially important within workplaces where a number of languages are spoken and can greatly reduce the possibility of cross-contamination.

    Benefits Of The System

    • The use of colour coded cleaning tools can greatly reduce the risk of cross contamination.
    • A methodical colour coded approach associates each product with a particular area, promoting inter-departmental and/or food-type segregation.
    • The majority of our hygiene range is colour coded, with up to ten vibrant, easily identifiable colours to choose from.

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    How Hillbrush Hygiene Can HelpShadowboards-6 copy

    • Eliminate cross-contamination
    • Colour coded products help segregate food types or departments
    • Prioritise and control potential hazards
    • Internationally recognized
    • Used at all stages of food production
    • Trading benefits, through improved customer and consumer confidence
    • Can be aligned with other Management and QA systems.

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    Workplace Organisation

    A shadow board is an organisational tool that enables you to segregate your workplace cleaning equipment. They can reduce the risk of cross-contamination and ensure that all of your cleaning tools are accounted for and in order.

    Equipment is stored efficiently and hygienically, making shadow boards an integral part of site improvement. Reduces replacement costs by ensuring equipment is always available and in good condition. The shadow boards improve colour coded segregation, reduce the risk of cross-contamination, and reinforces colour coding policy on site.

    Shadow boards are bespoke to fit your requirements and can include your company branding. Hillbrush provide options to tailor your shadow board(s) to your specific needs.


    Industry Recognised Regulations

    Our experts follow industry recognised procedures such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, ir HACCP as it is commonly known, is a preventative approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in food production. By identifying critical control points, the HACCP system can be used at every stage of the food chain from manufacturing through to distribution.

    The Seven Key Principles Of HACCP

    • Conduct an analysis of hazzards
    • Determine the Critical Control Points
    • Establish critical limits
    • Set up a monitoring system
    • Establish a procedure for corrective action
    • Establish procedures by which to verify the effectiveness of the HACCp plan
    • Maintain thorough records
    5S Icon

    The 5S System

    A simple process to create a safer, cleaner and well-organised workplace, through order and standardisation. These principles work alongside HACCP guidelines to improve efficiency and profitability.

    The 5S Key Stages

    • Sort - establish which tools are needed in which area
    • Set in place - organise into designated colour-coded zones
    • Shine - carry out regular cleaning and maintenance
    • Standardise - set out cleaning and maintenance procedures
    • Sustain - ensure standards are followed

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