Hygienic Workplace Organisation

    Providing your business with the most hygienic organisation solution!

    Our Workplace Organisation boards are designed and made to order, and we ensure that we build each board to your specific specification and needs.

    Work with our design team to put together your organisation solution from start to finish. Pick your colours, products, board material and your hanging method. Our simple process enables a quick turn around to the highest standards.

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    What is a Workplace Organisation Board?Shadowboards-6 copy

    Workplace Organisation boards enable you to segregate your workplace cleaning equipment and can reduce the risk of cross-contamination, ensuring that all of your cleaning tools are accounted for and in order.

    Why use Hillbrush Boards?

    Equipment is stored efficiently and hygienically, making shadow boards an integral part of site improvement. Boards help reduce replacement costs by ensuring equipment is always available and in good condition.  Our boards improve colour coded segregation, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and reinforcing colour coding policies on site. 

    Shadow boards are bespoke to fit your requirements and can include your company branding.

    If you would like to learn more see our Shadow Boards FAQ.

    Workplace Organisation Examples

    Shadow Boards - primary colours full RGB Blue-Shadow-Board-US Screenshot 2020-03-09 at 9.30.33 am Wall Mounted Shadow Board Red Wall Mounted Shadow Board Yellow DSCN1637 SB DSCN1971

    Material Options

    Our workplace organisation boards can be made from two types of material. Both are great options with varying properties depending on the need.

    Biomaster NEW logo no backgroundAnti-Microbial Food Approved Plastic

    Hillbrush offers anti-microbial shadow boards in 3mm and 6mm food approved plastic. Manufactured from co-extruded plastic that is infused with Biomaster Antimicrobial Silver-Ion Technology, this technology prevents bacteria growing on the surface of the products, resulting in a reduced risk of cross-contamination and risks to your staff, end users and company reputation. These boards offer a multitude of features including water and chemical resistance, easy wipe down surface to prevent the build-up of hazardous contamination, fire proof and anti-static properties and they are even recyclable.


    dibond lp

    A standard wall mounted Dibond board is 3mm thick. It is a strong aluminium laminate with a solid polyethylene core, for high-traffic areas. These boards are compact, hygienic, easy to clean and available as portable boards if required. The wipe clean surface prevents the build-up of dirt and contamination.

    Hooks and Holders

    Pick and choose your desired hooks and holders that work for you and your businesses needs. Our hooks either attach directly to the front of the board with a hole pre-prepared for the screw. Other hooks pin to the back of the board and hold the products firmly in place. Our plastic hooks and holders are simple, effective and durable.


    Wall FixturesDSCN1971

    These wall stand-offs come in 4 different sizes and are used to fix your shadow boards to walls and other surfaces, leaving enough room between the board and the wall so that you can clean behind them.

    Contact us to enquire about the fixtures and fittings you require for your shadow board. Different fixture options come at different costs. We recommend shadow boards are installed by your in-house maintenance team.

    Colours and Sizes

    Hillbrush offers all shadow boards in twelve unique colours. The boards can have a coloured background with a white or black shadow, or a white background with a coloured shadow.

    Find out more about colour-coded segregation

    Choose The Size You Need

    Hillbrush offers a selection of set sizes for each shadow board:

    • 400mm x 600mm 
    • 600mm x 600mm  
    • 600mm x 1800mm  
    • 1200mm x 1000mm  
    • 1200mm x 1800mm 
    • 1200mm x 1800mm (mobile unit, single or double-sided) 
    • 600mm x 1800mm (mobile unit, single or double-sided)

    Contact us for any bespoke sizes not on this list.