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    Hillbrush manufactures an unrivaled variety of tough, effective and hygienic brushes and cleaning tools, used in food processing facilities around the world. Our pioneering MDX metal detectable and X-ray visible plastic brushes and cleaning equipment is another of our highly specialised programs, designed in this case to reduce significantly the risk of foreign body contamination in your production process. 

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    Foreign Body Contamination In Production Is a Major Risk

    All sorts of cleaning equipment is used on food processing production lines. Accidents happen, particularly around sharp edges, knives and machinery. Fragments of cleaning equipment can end up in the product

    Solution - Hillbrush Metal and X-Ray Detectable Brushes

    Hillbrush has been the global leader of innovative technologies for the food processing industry for decades. Our fully metal and x-ray detectable products represent the most advanced tools of their kind. Learn more.

    Our metal and X-Ray detectable tools are specifically developed to minimise the risk of foreign body contamination within food and drink manufacturing.

    Hillbrush has developed brushes (including the filaments), squeegees, a bucket, scrapers and scoops, that are made with metal detectable plastics. These plastics will normally be detected by properly calibrated metal detectors, working at speed, in wet or dry conditions. The detectable additive, which was originally to make medical equipment X-ray visible, is FEIBP approved for food contact, and is not affected by time or abrasion. 

    Please ask for samples of our brush fibers and other plastics, so that you can carry out tests with your detectors. 

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    The metal detectable plastics we offer are as robust as you would expect from Hillbrush, but for technical reasons are available in dark blue only, and the brush filaments in gray only. We do offer hybrid brushes to help with your colour coding, where the gray fibers are detectable while the heavy duty plastic blocks are not detectable, but are available in a variety of colours. Please ask for details.

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